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DNA Testing
Blood Testing
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Toxicology Testing

Premier Laboratory Services offers toxicology screens to detect the presence of specific drugs or drug classes. In addition to the screen, these panels also include a second confirmatory test to provide quantified results.

  • THC - Marijuana
  • COC - Cocaine
  • OPI - Opiates
  • AMP - Amphetamines
  • mAMP - Meth Amphetamines
  • PCP - Angel Dust
  • MDMA - Ecstacy
  • BAR - Barbiturates
  • BZO - Benzodiazepines
  • MTD - Methadone
  • OXY - Oxycodone
  • PPX - Propoxyphene
  • BUP - Buprenorphine
  • TCA - Tricyclic antidepressants
  • ... and more

DNA Testing

Premier Laboratory Services offers DNA testing to allow for patient specific, personalized treatment plans. These tests can assist the physician with optimizing therapeutic strategies for maximum results and minimal adverse effects.

  • Drug Efficacy
  • Drug to Drug Interactions
  • Drug Metabolism
  • - Warfarin Sensitive Gene Testing
  • - Potential Toxicities
  • DNA Mutation Analysis
  • Wellness Testing

Blood Testing

We offer our clientele a complete range of general chemistry testing, which can be ordered either as part of a standard test panel or a single test, depending on the ordering physician's request. We complement and support our clinical reporting times by providing courier service to our clients at no extra charge.

  • Hemotology
  • Coagulation
  • Urinalysis
  • Chemistry
  • Genetics
  • Special Chemistry
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specializes in partnering with physicians to streamline their practice workflow and provide patients with a more boutique approach to medicine. By creating custom test panels, physician practices are able to spend less time completing paperwork, and more time focusing on patient care. Obtaining samples is made as easy as possible with individual patient kit and mobile phlebotomy collection services. Reporting is conveniently sent to an online portal or faxed so physicians are able to receive patient's results as soon as they are available.


Easy access to your patients results is just a click away with our secure and convenient Physician Portal. If you need a login account to access your patient test results, please contact your representative.


Premier Laboratory Services ensures that physicians receive reports as quickly as possible so they are able to provide the best patient care. Our reports are sent to the physicians fax, or we are able to create a secure login for the physician to view patient results online.

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